J. & N. T.

We found memories of our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land this past February.
From the beginning, the Group Meeting where we first met Khaled Alyateem, was incredibly organized and well presented. His presentation was very informative and well- presented. He answered all of our questions and promised to research everything that we asked him about and get back with us.

Khaled was very professional in all of his correspondence and quick to respond to all of our questions and concerns. We were very pleased with every aspect of our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

J. & N. T.

R. B.

We had a wonderful trip to the Holy Land. An experience that I will never forget.
Mr. Khaled Alyatim arranged our trip. He came and met with our group.
He explained to us in detail all the information about the trip. He also helped us with the paperwork. He made it possible for us to leave from the closest airport to us.
Overall the trip was great and very well planned.
R. B.


Greetings Khaled,

I would like to tell you what a wonderful experience our trip to the Holy Land was! You took care of everything and explained everything. You made us feel cared for!
You drove to our church to personally meet with our group, you arranged for the group to fly out of our closest airport and on top of that you went above and beyond…you added a day into the trip so we could tour more sites including the Holocaust Museum at no extra cost! Thank you…thank you.
You did not leave us, were in contact with us as the trip progressed to make sure that all was well. Thank you so very much for making this trip to the Holy Land a most memorable experience of a lifetime!

Blessings to you and yours,

C. W.

Having never been on a trip of this magnitude I had many questions. The application provided many answers, but I still had questions. I emailed Mr. Khaled Alyatim many, many times about the payment schedule and the arrangements of our pilgrimage. He always responded promptly and with the answers I needed.
Mr. Khaled Alyatim travelled to meet with us personally to brief us and answer questions. We had the hope to travel out of a different airport as many were near that location. He took this request and provided us with the necessary travel arrangements to leave out of the airport nearest to most of our homes. That is definitely going above and beyond to help us.
I had a unique opportunity on my pilgrimage to stay in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher overnight. This required much planning and Mr. Khaled Alyatim helped me throughout the experience. He provided necessary information both in the states and in the Holy Land. He communicated on my behalf to the parties necessary to make this work. It was an experience of a lifetime that would not have been possible without his help.
From the moment he came here to brief us in person until we returned from our pilgrimage Mr. Khaled Alyatim was instrumental in providing us with everything we needed to make this trip the blessing it was. I am grateful for what he did for me personally and for all who attended this pilgrimage.
C. W.

K. L.

In planning the trip, we were given detailed information & instructions. Khalid made a special trip to our church to go over everything for the trip & answer questions for all of us.

Their prices were quite a bit lower than any others I saw.

Many thanks,


It was a real joy to work with Khaled Alyatim in arranging our Holy Land Pilgrimage. I was his main contact here and can tell you that he was always so pleasant to deal with.
Khaled drove from Texas to Mississippi to personally meet with our group of pilgrims. He answered all our questions, explained the importance of trip insurance, etc.
Additionally, our flight home was to take place very early morning on the last day. He suggested that he could change that departure to very late evening which would give us an extra day of sightseeing. He assured us it would be at no extra cost and our group was very happy about this change.
Throughout the trip he was in contact with us to make sure all was going smoothly, which it was.
Based on the personal service he provided to our group, I would like to suggest that our church use him again on future pilgrimages.
Thank you,


Dear Khaled, I wanted to say that I was very glad to have worked with you on our trip to the Holy Land in February. It was very meaningful for the pilgrims, not only because of what we were able to talk about and celebrate at all the sites we went to, but your willingness to help us with the additions to the schedule that made the trip a spiritual experience from beginning to end.


• Don’t forget sunscreen. Israel is a sunny place with a very high average daily U.V. rating.
• Don’t go anywhere without your cell phone. It is relatively inexpensive and you can even call overseas.
• Don’t be afraid to haggle in the Suks (open air markets). It is an expected part of the culture and if you don’t, you will likely overpay.
• Don’t enter the sea in late June-July without first checking for jellyfish washed up on the beach. They are not deadly but can provide a pretty painful sting.
• Don’t wear your best bathing suit into the Dead Sea or Mineral Springs. It is possible that it may retain the smell of sulfur no matter how many times you wash it.

local made wines

indulge in local made wines. They are really world class!

sample the food everywhere you visit

sample the food everywhere you visit. There is so much more offered than the traditional food “felafel”! The food is really amazing and the Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world.